Trillium Renewable Chemicals Trillium Renewable Chemicals Trillium Renewable Chemicals

Chemical manufacturing just got a lot greener.

And we’re ready to meet worldwide demand.

We are the first company in the world to manufacture acrylonitrile and propylene glycol using renewable raw materials like sugar and glycerol. And here’s why it matters.


It’s Much Safer.

By co-locating production with demand, we eliminate the long-range transport of dangerous products. Transportation also makes up 25 percent of cost of goods sold in the chemicals industry. Our supply chain solution improves the safety profile and reduces transportation costs. We also have engineered the system to produce zero cyanide byproducts, further improving our safety profile.


It’s Proven.

With secure intellectual property created over 7 years and $8.5M in funding, Trillium has the freedom to operate worldwide. Our patented technology relies on high performance catalysis requiring no biology. Through traditional thermochemical processes, we have discovered a cost-competitive way to make acrylic molecules and glycols.


It Relies on Stable, Secure Supply.

Unlike propylene feedstocks, our raw materials are widely available around the world and exhibit little price volatility over the long term. The universal availability of sugar presents buyers with an opportunity to reduce or eliminate imports and localize their chemical supply chain. Our solution locks up lock term supply for buyers and adds resiliency in what is now an uncertain supply chain.


It’s Better for the Environment.

Nearly 10 million tons of these chemicals are produced every year around the globe using fossil resources. Not only does our process replace oil and natural gas with renewable raw materials, our patented technology can slash the manufacturing carbon footprint by at least 40 percent.